How to get from Bergamo Airport to Milan?

Bergamo Airport is only 3 km from the city of Bergamo, and 45 km from Milan. Its proximity to the fashion capital makes it quite popular with travelers heading to Milan.

Where are the flights from Bergamo?

Despite the fact that Orio Al Serio is more compact than the other air gateways of Milan, its passenger traffic cannot be called small. According to some rankings, the airport is even in the top five largest in Italy. It is located a few kilometers from the city of Bergamo and about 45 km from downtown Milan.

The main flights serve larger airport Malpensa, where you can fly almost in any direction. Some airlines operate at the airport “Linate”. From Bergamo fly mostly low-cost airlines, and you can hardly find a flight across the ocean here. Common destinations are Europe, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It is because of the affordable tickets Orio Al Serio is so popular among travelers.

Bergamo Airport Infrastructure

Airport Orio Al Serio in Bergamo is small – there is only one terminal, which serves about 10 million people a year. On its territory there is everything that a traveler may need:

  • A common lounge for comfortable waiting for the necessary flight;
  • Business class lounge;
  • Restrooms;
  • Currency exchange offices;
  • Duty-free stores, where you can buy things and products at a significant profit;
  • Cafes and restaurants for lovers of traditional Italian cuisine;
  • Chapel;
  • Pharmacy and medical center for emergencies;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Secure lockers;
  • Ticketing booths.

There is a free WI-FI zone in the waiting room, ATMs and terminals are installed. Large windows allow you to watch planes land and take off on the runway.
In case a flight is delayed, travelers can use the Superior Lounge to get some rest. But if the flight is delayed for a long time, it is best to go to one of the hotels located near the terminal to rest. Problems with accommodation do not arise, because of the proximity of the city with developed infrastructure.

Buying tickets and checking in at Bergamo Airport

You can buy tickets at the airport Orio Al Serio at the ticket offices, where staff will offer the best options for the nearest flights. The best way to buy tickets is to book them online, at ticket sales websites or on the websites of airlines that operate out of the airport. Low-cost carriers often offer good deals on flights between countries.

A few hours or days before departure you can check in online. It is also possible to check in at the airport, but lately low-cost airlines have instituted an additional fee for boarding passes at the check-in counter. That is why it is better to clarify check-in rules on the airline’s website in advance.

Bergamo Airport has an additional service “Fast Track”, which allows you to reduce the time of passport control and customs inspection. A fast-track ticket is not free of charge. If you buy it at the airport, tourists will have to pay 7.5 euros. But ordering the service online will save money, as the electronic version costs only 6 euros. And the purchase of a special booklet with 10 coupons will cost already 45 euros. For those who often fly low-cost airlines and do not like to wait in lines, this is a very advantageous offer!

How to get to Milan?

From Milan Bergamo airport is quite far, which is not very convenient for travelers who are always in a hurry. Yes, and arriving in Orio Al Serio should think in advance about how to get to the Italian fashion capital after passing through passport control.

There are several ways to get from Bergamo to Milan, but on closer examination of each option, you can find some shortcomings. For example, buses run on a schedule that is not always convenient for travelers, the train requires transfers, and a cab ride is often quite expensive. So what to choose? Let’s take a closer look.


You can take a direct bus from the airport to Milan. The stop has a convenient location – directly by the arrival area. The boarding ticket can be purchased from the driver before departure, in a special machine or by pre-ordering online. Regardless of the chosen method, before buying a ticket it is necessary to have the appropriate currency – euros.

The end point of the buses to Milan from Bergamo is the main railway station of the Italian capital, next to which is the metro station Milano Centrale. The interval of buses is on average 30 minutes, with travel time in the absence of force majeure situations does not exceed 1 hour.

A nice bonus for tourists departing from Bergamo is that if you are late for a bus ticket is not canceled – it can be used for the next trip on the same bus carrier. The disadvantage of this method of travel can be called a time limit. Most carriers make a break in work from 00:00 to 04:00, which eliminates the possibility of getting to Milan by bus if the plane arrives at night.

You can save on fares by purchasing in advance – many carriers offer discounts on tickets when you book online. Significantly reduces the cost of travel and simultaneous ordering of tickets in both directions.

If you choose to travel by bus, you must carefully prepare for the journey to Milan. For this you need to take into account the amount of luggage, the presence of children and, most importantly, to work out the route:

  • Book a hotel room, see its location on the map and determine which public transport is optimal for the journey;
  • Plan the route from Bergamo airport to your place of residence, taking into account transfers;
  • Print out the hotel details with its name, phone number and exact address.


Unlike the previous option, traveling by train is time-consuming. Due to the location of the station Bergamo – on the way from the airport to the railway station by bus it is necessary to spend at least 20 minutes. It is better to buy a ticket directly at airport ticket machines or specialized points of sale. In an emergency you can do it before boarding the bus, but at a slight surcharge.

You can buy a ticket for the train at the station ticket office or through a terminal. By the way, the second option is very convenient – the intuitive interface of the machine does not require knowledge of the language. The cost of the ticket depends on the direction – the route from Bergamo allows you to get to any station in Milan. Apart from the night break from 23:00 to 05:00, the train leaves the station every 15 minutes, with a travel time of no more than an hour.


This is the most comfortable way to get to Milan from Bergamo. It should be chosen by those who want to get to their destination quickly, without interchanges and at any time of day. Its only disadvantage is the price – the trip by taxi from Bergamo will cost many times more than by bus or train.

You can find a suitable car at the terminal – at the taxi rank. The driver must be chosen carefully and the fare should be agreed upon at the very beginning because a large demand for the trips to Milan forces carriers to unreasonably and unpredictably raise prices.

Rent a car

This is ideal for those who appreciate the freedom of movement, speak the language and drive a car. Renting a car a tourist does not depend on the schedule of public transport or the driver. You can choose and book a car immediately after arrival at the Bergamo airport or in advance on the website of the rental company.

To rent a car, the future driver will need an international driver’s license, a passport and money on the card for a deposit. Its amount will be approximately 1500 euros. The money is blocked at the rental request, and after the car is returned in a proper condition without any damage, it is returned to the card in full. When renting a car the driver receives insurance against accidents and theft, and if desired, the driver will have the opportunity to travel on toll highways of Milan.


Ordering a transfer combines the advantages of a cab and a rental. Such service foresees the organization of a long-term trip on the route planned by the traveler, but without his direct participation – the driver will meet him at the airport at a predetermined time and will take him from Bergamo to Milan. The trip by transfer will significantly reduce the travel time – the tourist will not have to look for or wait for a car, to make transfers.

There are several types of transfer:

  • Individual. Used for personal trips to Milan, with the direction of travel is limited only to the wishes of the customer;
  • Group. Most often it is ordered by tourist groups for sightseeing or transportation to the Milan hotel from Bergamo.

The advantages of this service include a special approach. Depending on your preferences, you can optionally order a meeting with a sign, luggage loading, hotel room reservation and so on when arranging a transfer. Despite the high level of service, the final cost of the trip will not exceed the price of a taxi.

With this in mind, the transfer is great for connoisseurs of comfort, passengers with small children or with a lot of luggage, as well as those who are planning a trip with a company. It is worth booking it at Elite Royal Car, where any customer can get a fast track to get through customs quickly.

Choosing to travel by shuttle to Milan with us, you can be sure of the quality of the service – comfortable cars from our fleet are regularly cleaned, have WI-FI and are equipped with chargers for gadgets.

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