Planning a vacation in Milan? Going on a shopping tour or looking for an unforgettable weekend on the coast? ? A luxury Mercedes S-Class of the latest model will allow you to leave your worries about the road on the shoulders of the professional driver and dedicate your time completely to your leisure.

Mercedes S-Class transfer is a German safety, unsurpassed comfort, and respectable appearance. The car is equipped with everything necessary for the passenger not to feel discomfort during the trip:

  • Velvet cream-coloured leather interior;
  • Comfort seats which can be extended up to the half-lying position;
  • Enlarged, in comparison with previous models, footwell for the rear passenger;
  • Soft cushions on the car headrests for maximum comfort;
  • Surround sound system for listening to local news or favorite music;
  • Built-in seat massage function that can be controlled directly from your cell phone screen;
  • Fold-out table;
  • Full soundproofing of the interior against outside noise;
  • Improved suspension, which compensates for all road unevenness;
  • Built-in screens in the front seat headrests for watching movies or TV shows;
  • A climate control system to keep the cabin at an optimum temperature.


We offer transfer services to any destination in Milan, as well as to nearby cities and resorts. An experienced driver will take the responsibility of taking the passenger to their destination by the shortest possible route. However, if you wish, you can extend the trip to visit the sights.

Mercedes S-Class cars are thoroughly inspected by a professional technician before each trip. By ordering a luxury transfer, you choose luxury, comfort and safety!