If you need to deliver important papers or a small parcel, use Elite Royal Cars’ new and relevant service – passengerless document delivery. Thanks to this convenient service, the client saves not only time, but also money.

This service is very popular, because customers do not need to spend time on the road or wait for the courier service. It is enough just to order a cab and the car will arrive exactly at the appointed hour and will take a package of documents to the specified address. Ordering this service from Elite Royal Cars, clients can be sure that the documents will be delivered punctually and in one piece.

Our company offers several types of document delivery:

  • Non-contact – the client leaves the documentation on the back seat of the car, the recipient picks up the transfer himself
  • Contact – hand to hand.
  • Door-to-door – the driver himself will go up to the client and deliver the transfer to the recipient personally

Delivery of documents by courier