What to see in Milan

03 October 2020
Constantin Irinici
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What to see in Milan: sights of the city

Milan has long had a reputation as a fashion city. Many tourists think that there is nothing to do here but to store. This is far from the truth – in the city of Milan there are so many interesting places that it would be difficult to visit them all in one vacation.

Главные достопримечательности Милана

The basis of the attractions – a mixture of several styles in architecture, the special color of Italian buildings and churches, of which Milan is more than enough.

Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano)

If you wonder what to see in Milan, then first of all go to the center. Milan Cathedral is a must-see attraction. Without it there is not a single story about this beautiful city, and to pass by it is difficult. The majestic Gothic building, made entirely of white marble, strikes its beauty at first sight.

Interesting! After the conquest of Italy, Napoleon Bonaparte himself was crowned here. The Duomo had been under construction for almost seven centuries, so by that time it was still unfinished. The final version of the cathedral was presented only in 1965.

Why is it worth a visit? First of all, it is incredibly beautiful. And you can admire the external facade for free, but for those who want to go inside you have to pay something like 17-18 €. In the cathedral you will admire the finishing of the building and you can see the nail that was nailed to the cross according to the legend.

When you go around the inside, you can safely go to the roof, from where you have an excellent view of the city. That’s because a visit to the observation deck is included in the admission price.

Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)

For centuries this building belonged to the rulers of the state. In the palace, built in the 15th century, representatives of the Sforza dynasty and the Bonapartes spent their days. Now Palazzo Reale is a cultural center that regularly hosts exhibitions. There’s also a cathedral museum and a church inside.

If you love art, the Palazzo Reale will be a true paradise for you. All the paintings that come to Milan, you will find here. Good organization of exhibitions, excellent lighting and audio guides will help you immerse yourself in art.

La Scala Opera House

The building of the opera house was built in the late 18th century in accordance with all the strict rules of the neoclassical style. During World War II the theater was destroyed, but fortunately the government managed to quickly restore the opera.

Interesting! Today La Scala is the cherished place of any opera singer, musician, dancer or conductor. Performing here is not just very prestigious – such an opportunity guarantees a good artistic career.

But even if you are in no way artistic, a visit to the opera house in Milan is nonetheless worthwhile. Why? To enjoy Italian opera, of course! And you don’t have to worry about not understanding anything – there are small screens with subtitles on the seats in the front. But you’ll still need to learn some Italian.

If you’re not interested in opera, you can also take in a ballet or listen to classical music. In any case you should book the tickets in advance.

The Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie and The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Many tourists strive to get here because the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie houses the world famous fresco of one of the titans of the Renaissance. These works of art are exactly what you can and should see in Milan.

The church was built during the Renaissance and is fully consistent with the spirit of the time. It was built fairly quickly for its time – it took only 25 years to build the walls and create the decorations. From the time the monastery was built until today, the flow of visitors has never dried up.

As with the opera, the church was almost completely destroyed during the war. But surprisingly, the frescoes were not damaged in the slightest.

Entrance to the monastery itself is absolutely free, but to see the ingenious “Last Supper” you have to pay about 10 €.

Piazza Affari and the Monument of the Middle Finger

This square is considered to be the business center of the city, as it is the location of the building of the Italian stock exchange. For a while it was considered the most democratic in the world, anyone who had a desire could get here.

Even if you are quite far from the world of finance, you can come here for the sake of the most unusual monument, which boldly demonstrates to the whole world the middle finger!

The true name of the monument is L.O.V.E., which means “freedom, hatred, revenge, eternity. Nevertheless, it is commonly referred to as “the finger” or Dito.

Interesting! It was originally intended that the monument would only last two hours, but for some reason it was never torn down.

Most likely, the modern sculptor wanted to express contempt and protest against capitalism.

How to get to Milan?

To have a great vacation and not to worry about buses, it is best to choose a transfer. Our specialists will meet you with a sign at the airport of Linate exactly at the appointed time, and then provide a comfortable ride to the city.

In fact, there are many more attractions in Milan, but describing each interesting place would take too much of your time. In any case, in this city you will have an unforgettable vacation, filled not only with shopping, but also with a cultural program.

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