The best outlets in Milan

03 October 2020
Constantin Irinici
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Outlets in Italy are the best in Milan

Трансфер аутлеты Милана

It’s strange, to say the least, to come to Milan and not to buy things before they overweight in your luggage. This small Italian city is not without reason called the fashion capital of the world: here are the best malls in the world, outlet stores, and only here you can buy Versace with a 90% discount. Intrigued? Let’s take a virtual journey through some of Milan’s best outlet stores, so that we know exactly where to go and what is not worth seeing.

Matia’s Fashion Outlet

If you don’t want to head to the outskirts of Milan to grab some bargain goods, head to the coolest area Brera. Here you’ll find Italy’s coolest outlet, Matia’s Fashion.

The store positions itself as the cheapest in Milan – the average discount on clothes from previous collections here is 50%. During the sale season the prices are reduced by 70%.

Outlet offers both luxury brands and mass-market. The latter, however, is quickly dispersed by tourists from China. It is easier for slim people to find clothes: 80% of clothes of the outlet are in sizes from 40 to 44.

Clothing in Matia’s Fashion for every taste. If you poke around a bit more, you can find Armani jeans and a Dolce&Gabbana evening dress. The area of the outlet is big and well organized. There are no sale piles – just racks, racks and tables.

Outlet Orologi Milano

If you have already bought all the necessary clothes and now you are looking for accessories, look no further than Orologi. It’s the largest watch outlet in Milan. Yes, yes, the fashion for them, from the point of view of Italians, is also transient.

Here among a huge variety of Italian brands you can find Guess, Lacoste, Casio watches at discounts up to 80%.

There is a small stand with bijouterie, mainly Calvin Klein. The prices are more than democratic.

In Orologi you can buy beautiful children’s watches from Disney Collection and Looney Tunes at half price.

The Highline Outlet.

The Highline, which is huge but awkwardly located, offers shoppers a good range of items and attractive discounts. The Highline Outlet measures more than 2,000 square meters and offers women’s wear on the first floor and men’s wear on the first floor.

Highline has 400 brands, and all the things that are shipped there come directly from the factories. The shop offers everything from penultimate collection shoes to high-end bijouterie that has been on the shelves for a couple of seasons.

There are a lot of brand clothes: Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, Moschino, Levi’s, Kenzo, Alberta Ferretti. There are extravagant looks that came straight from the catwalk.

The whole assortment is sorted by season and size, so you don’t have to search for something interesting for hours. The staff is friendly and there are a lot of fitting rooms.

In the sales season the discounts increase from 30 to 70%.

Serravalle Scrivia

If you have the firm intention to update your closet with branded goods at a good discount and to spend on shopping 1-2 thousand euros instead of 7-8, we strongly recommend you to go to the largest and most popular outlet Serravalle Scrivia Europe.

It is located 100 kilometers from Milan, and is a mini-city with streets and stores, nice restaurants, cafes and shops for recreation. It is worth to go there for a whole day, because the shopping process will be fun and exciting. The things here are mostly branded, mass-market is difficult to find, but you can.

It is a chic choice of men’s clothes, a little worse – women’s. But that can be explained by the large influx of the fair sex. There is always a possibility to choose shoes and accessories to a certain size.

Fidenza Village Outlet

If you intend to have a good trip around Italy in search of branded goods, you can also go to Fidenza Village Outlet. It’s 100 kilometers away from Lombardy and you are in one of the best outlet shops in the middle class.

Here belong leftovers from all over Italy: for visitors there are more than 180 stores, representing, even conservatively speaking, 280 brands.

Discounts in the season reaches 70%, and by registering in advance on the Fidenza website you can get an additional coupon for a 10% reduction.

Together with the closet you can update the contents of the cosmetic bag and the interior – household items and skin care products are 90% cheaper here than in Milan.

During the break from the hunt for brands you can eat delicious pizza and freshly made pasta. And then celebrate the successful shopping in the wine shop with a young Italian wine.

Vicolungo The Style Outlets

For those looking for mass-market shopping, head to Vicolungo The Style. It’s a half-hour drive from the city center. At about 150 outlets, you will find clothes from more than 300 democratic brands, including Sisley, GaP, United Colors of Benetton, Mango and many others. The price for clothing is more than democratic. For 400-500 euros you can dress the whole family for all 4 seasons and still have money for accessories.

Here you can also buy something for the house. The atmosphere in Vicolungo is very relaxed, there is almost never rush, and you can and should come here with children.

There is an atelier on the territory of the outlet, where you can promptly adjust the size or length of the thing if it does not fit, but you really like it.

Baby Outlet Salina

If you are expecting a new addition to the family, we strongly recommend you to visit Baby Outlet Salina. It’s over 50 years old and locals love to visit it in the midst of sales.

Discounts on cribs, rocking chairs, bottles and other baby accessories from the world’s manufacturers here reach 80%. Of course, you can hardly take away a baby car seat or a bassinet from Italy, but you can buy clothes very much. Prices for things start at 5 euros. In Salina you can dress children from 0 to 6 years. And it will be very difficult to leave without toys and board games.

It is almost impossible to imagine visiting Milan without shopping: here literally every corner of the building and shop window screams for fashion, style and closet. The only sensible solution is to minimize the damage to your credit card by going not to the top shopping centers, but to outlet stores. We’ll arrange your transfers to and from your destination in a premium car, help you load and unload your purchases.

Our drivers will take you to the outlet quickly and safely. The car will arrive exactly at the appointed time.

Allow yourself to enjoy shopping without worrying about moving around the city with us

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