Which airports serve Milan?

23 February 2021
Constantin Irinici
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Milan’s main airports:

Аэропорты Милана

Основные аэропорты Милана:

  • Orio al Serio;
  • Malpensa;
  • Linate.

They serve thousands of flights and annually receive millions of passengers from different parts of the world. Thanks to such a number of “air gates” around the city, residents and visitors of Milan can easily find a convenient flight to almost anywhere in the world.

Each airport has its own peculiarities. Depending on the purpose and direction of travel comes to choose one or another air harbor in the vicinity. They rarely duplicate each other’s flights with rare exceptions, which allows for a competent distribution of load and passenger traffic. And for each Milan airport you can find a unique characteristic to best describe them.

The largest and most transcontinental

Malpensa is Milan’s main airport. It is the city’s largest and busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, receiving and departing hundreds of flights every day. From here you can fly to European countries as well as take a flight to America or Australia. Therefore, who needs to fly from continent to continent, in any case should visit one of the two passenger terminals of Malpensa.

Malpensa is not only the largest in Milan, but also one of the largest airports in Italy. It is second only to Rome and firmly holds its second honorable position with a passenger flow of about 20 million people per year.

The passenger terminals have all the amenities that help make travel enjoyable and waiting for a flight as comfortable as possible. The buildings include:

  • sanitary rooms;
  • lounges for relaxation;
  • business lounges;
  • duty free stores;
  • check-in desks;
  • mother and baby rooms;
  • terminals and ATMs;
  • nurses’ station;
  • police office;
  • ticket sales offices;
  • currency exchange.

There are hotels in the terminals for those passengers who have to wait a long time for their flight. In the first terminal, which serves mainly scheduled flights, tourists can stay at the hotel “Sheraton”. Travelers who depart by charter flights from Terminal 2 can rest in the comfort of the hotel “Moxy”.

For those who have a lot of time and no desire to stay at the airport, you can go to Milan. You can get there by train, which runs between Malpensa station and the city’s central railway station. Trains leave on average every 20 minutes.

Tourists can also reach the city by car or bus. The distance to Milan is 45 km.

The cheapest

Airline tickets at the most democratic prices can be bought with a flight from the airport of Orio-al Serio or, as it is more commonly called, Bergamo airport. This is the air harbor of the major low-cost airlines, it is where all the favorite Ryanair and Wizzair fly, so this is where the budget travelers head.

The airport serves flights within Europe as well as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries located within a few thousand kilometers from Italy. There are no transcontinental flights from here.

Bergamo Airport has only one terminal, which has more compact dimensions than Malpensa. But the building has everything you need:

  • a baggage storage compartment;
  • a mother and child room;
  • toilets;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • stores;
  • lounge;
  • business lounge;
  • police office;
  • infirmary;
  • chapel.

There is no hotel in the terminal building, but the proximity to the city of Bergamo (only 5 km) allows you to ignore it. Travelers can book a comfortable hotel near the airport, if such a need arises.

You can get to the airport of Orio-al Serio by bus, car or train. However, the latter will not take passengers directly to the airport, but to the city of Bergamo, where you will have to take another transport. After traveling 50 km by train from Milan, travelers simply do not notice the 5 km road to the airport. 

The closest

If the terminals of the two major airports in Milan are located at a distance of approximately 45-55 km, the small Linate is only 8 km from the Duomo. It is located if not in the center of the metropolis, then certainly in its boundaries.

  1. The airport named after Enrico Forlani (official name) is the smallest among the “air gates” of Milan. There is only one terminal which serves only domestic flights and some European destinations. Despite the compact size, it has all the amenities for travelers:
  2. Waiting rooms with free Wi-Fi.
  3. Sanitary rooms.
  4. Mother and baby rooms.
  5. Restaurants and cafes.
  6. Stores and souvenir stores.
  7. Exchange offices.
  8. Police station.
  9. Luggage search desk.
  10. Luggage locker.
  11. Check-in desks, terminals, and ATMs.

Despite the limited choice of flights, the terminal serves about 9 million people annually. Linate is considered the fourth largest airport in Italy and is constantly working to increase passenger traffic, improve services and accessibility.

By the way, it is the easiest to get to from Milan. There are public buses to the airport for only 1.5 euros per ticket. And a cab in Linate is much cheaper than to any other airport in the city. The average price of the trip is 20 euros and in 15 minutes the driver will take passengers directly to the entrance to the terminal.

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