About the resort of Bormio

Bormio is a unique Italian resort located in the Lombard Alps. The town combines two popular destinations. On the one hand – the ideal opportunities for skiing. On the other hand – the natural thermal springs for relaxation. Bormio is situated at an altitude of 1,200 m, it is far from big cities, so the resort has everything for comfortable rest.

The town is a part of the ski region Alta Valtellina, which allows you to ski on the magnificent slopes of Livigno, San Colombano and the scenic routes of Switzerland. The resort has the largest altitude difference in the Lombardy Alps, it is 1,792 m. Skiing season starts in November and lasts until April. Tourist life does not end there, a variety of programs and beautiful scenery will make the holidays unforgettable in the warm season.


The total length of trails near the resort is 50 kilometers. The ski pass Alta Valtellin opportunities increase by more than 2 times. The excellent routes are suitable for beginners, as well as skiers with intermediate and professional level of skiing.

The area of skiing is divided into three zones:

  • Bormio;
  • Valdidentro;
  • Santa Catarina.

The slopes are famous for their long gentle routes, for which they are loved by both beginners and professionals. The main part of the tracks are blue and red in the ratio of 10 to 8, there are 2 routes for the real extremists. Beginners are better to try their hand with Chiyuk and Bormio 2000, and extreme riders are waiting for slopes in the Chima-Bianca area. The Stelvio Pass (2,700-3,400 m) is especially popular, the snow cover on its slopes lasts the whole year.

The whole park near Alpin-Star with routes of various complexity was constructed for snowboarders. The gentle Sassa-Rotonda piste awaits the fans of cross-country skiing.

The resort takes special care of children. A special ski-run for kids is provided, and a separate elevator leads to it. There are ski schools with professional instructors for beginners and children older than 4 years.


Slopes of the resort town are valued by freeride lovers. The virgin territory starts at an altitude of 3,012 m and extends to the Valesetta peak (3,148 m). Professional riders recommend climbing early in the morning.


There are 16 elevators leading to the resort area’s 20 trails, including:

  • Gondola and Cabin;
  • Chairlifts;
  • Trolley lifts.

Ski passes

The price of a ski pass depends on the number of days of skiing on the slopes. There are additional discounts for children.

Health programs

There are 9 thermal springs in the resort town. Local people claim that their healing waters were used even by the ancient Romans. The temperature of the water does not drop below 37°C regardless of the weather. The sulphate and alkaline-earth water contains radon, a rarity in the alpine areas. In Bormio there is a thermal complex, and a few kilometers from the town there are ancient baths.

In the thermal complex you can not only enjoy the healing water. The spa provides a full range of diverse services:

  • Mud baths;
  • Various massages;
  • Healing inhalations;
  • Bath complex with sauna and hamam;
  • Gym;
  • Pools;
  • Health and Beauty Center.


  • 19 restaurants with a wide variety of international dishes;
  • 35 cafes and bars, including piano bars;
  • Working night disco and club

Restaurants and cafes offer authentic local cuisine, as well as Mediterranean dishes are particularly popular.

Where to stay

Bormio is quite a popular resort for holidays. The town has an excellent infrastructure in different price categories. Depending on financial capabilities and personal preferences, tourists can choose:

  • Hotels 3*, 4*, 5*;
  • Apartments;
  • Private houses.

It is desirable to book lodging in advance, as options for good value for money are sold out very quickly.

Entertainment and attractions

For the lovers of antiquity will be interesting walks through the ancient city where there are historic sights:

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral;
  • The Clock Tower;
  • Simeone’s Palace.

Shopping lovers should visit the many brand-name boutiques on Via Roma, or go to the neighboring resorts of Tirano and Sondrio. Every week in the town square the inhabitants hold a presentation of the resort with a dance group and a tasting of mulled wine and various locally made sweets.

How to get there

Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Bormio is 220 km from Malpensa International Airport. The comfortable shuttle company Elite Royal Cars will bring you the resort in just 2.5 hours with Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Bormio.