About Canazei Resort

Canazei is one of the most visited resorts in Europe. Its popularity is due to its convenient location. The town is located in the heart of the valley, making it convenient to get to any ski route.

The resort town is located at an altitude of 1,460 meters. For those who love to embrace the boundless, Canazei will leave a lasting impression on you. You will not find such a choice of skiing routes and a luxurious variety of leisure activities elsewhere in Trentino. This explains the popularity of Canazei and the high cost of living.

The altitude difference at the resort is 1,550 m. The resort town is visited both in winter for skiing and in summer. In the warm season, tourists make ascents to the mountain slopes and walks in picturesque places.


The skiing and off-piste season begins in early December and lasts until April. In the vicinity of Canazei prepared about 121 kilometers of beautiful routes. These are 16 trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Of these:

  • 1 green;
  • 5 blue;
  • 9 red;
  • 1 black.

For beginner skiers are prepared excellent slopes with a minimum elevation difference of not more than 80 meters. One of the most popular routes is the famous circular trail of Ronda village, a length of about 50 kilometers.

For extreme lovers and professional skiers are prepared Buffaure – Ciampac and Ciampac-Alba routes. Here are also located virgin territories for off-piste skiing.

On the slopes are organized 4 sites for snowboarders, as well as open park with jumps for fans of extreme sports.

For children and beginners there is a skiing school, which employs more than 10 highly professional instructors.

Fans of freeride will love the virgin territories on the north side of the tourist town. A helicopter will take you to the peaks, and you can rent one at the local airport.


All the trails in the resort are connected by 16 elevators. All the funiculars are arranged so that there are never any queues.

Ski Passes

Immediately upon arrival you need to buy a ski pass. In Canazei there are several types of skipasses:

  • General, its price includes the use of all elevators and skiing on all slopes of the Dolomite Alps, which are more than 1,200 kilometers long;
  • Local, the price includes skiing in the Val di Fassa, including Canazei routes.

There are discounts for children.

For children.

In the center of the resort town operates a kindergarten, ready to take about eighty kids aged four years at a time. For children from one and a half years old the center offers babysitting services. Professional staff looks after children, and skilled instructors teach them how to ski. Classes are held individually or in groups.

Where to stay

There are several hotels in the resort town, including those with an excellent level of service. It is necessary to book rooms in advance, because during the high season the attendance of the resort is high. It is best to book accommodation with breakfasts.

In addition to hotels in the town you can rent chalets and apartments. For regular customers the owners provide good discounts.

Leisure activities

A great place to relax after active skiing is Spa Eghesr, located in the center of the resort. It offers a luxurious choice of various programs:

  • Adult and children’s pools;
  • Saunas;
  • Baths;
  • A large number of spa treatments and massages.


Alpine Village is recognized as a resort with a high level of comfort. Canazei has an excellent infrastructure and a network of restaurants, bars and cafes. The menu is dominated by Italian dishes, but you can also enjoy delicacies of Russian, Austrian and German cuisine. In the evening there are numerous discotheques and loud parties and nightly cabaret shows.

How to get there

Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Kanacei is 326 kilometers from Aeroporto Milano-Malpensa. If you like comfort, we recommend pre-ordering the shuttle service or Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Kanacei of Elite Royal Cars. The travel time is 3.5 hours.