About Crans-Montana Resort

Crans-Montana is a favorite destination for active people who are looking for opportunities for a varied vacation. The peculiarity of the small Swiss resort is that it welcomes tourists all year round.

The town is situated at an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level. Skiing season begins in December and ends in April. Beautiful weather, dry and clean mountain air contribute to comfortable rest.


The altitude difference at the resort is 1,500-2,925 meters. The skiing region combines several villages Crans, Montana and Aminona On the slopes of the town prepared 140 kilometers of slopes. There are also many other slopes in the area:

  • 17 blue with a length of 55 km;
  • 20 red trails of 70 km;
  • 4 black trails 15 km long.

Snow guns are installed on almost all slopes, providing an even and steady snow cover. Beginners and intermediate skiers will enjoy the wide routes. Professional skiers and extreme skiers will love the slopes:

  • Bella Louis;
  • The route from La Tza to Plumasi;
  • La Toula;
  • Piste Nationale is the longest route with the length of 12 kilometers.

Night skiing is organized on several slopes. There are equipment rentals from the leading world manufacturers in the resort town.

Elevators and ski passes

There are 28 elevators on the slopes of the resort, including:

  • Cable cars;
  • Funiculars;
  • Chairs;
  • Bugelny;
  • Ribbons.

Discounts are available for children, teenagers and tourists over 64 years old.

For lovers of outdoor activities

Besides skiing there are many exciting programs for tourists. For snowboarders opened a huge snowpark with a variety of attractions and half-pipe length of 150 meters and a height of 6 meters.

In the area around the resort there are 50 kilometers of trails and a snow-covered golf course for fans of flatland skiing.


  • Ice rink;
  • Golf course;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Bowling and tennis;
  • Swimming pool and spa.
  • Casino.

Dining and Leisure

Crans-Montana has about 90 restaurants offering international cuisine and local specialties. As well as numerous bars and clubs open at night. The resort town is considered the best shopping center in the Alps. In Crans-Montana there are more than 120 boutiques, offering things from famous designers of world fame. Most stores are concentrated on Rue Centrale and Rue du Prado.

There are exciting events all year round:

  • Concerts;
  • Show programs;
  • Tasting of locally produced wines and cheeses;
  • World-class sporting events;
  • Festivals.

For children

The resort town has taken care of the youngest tourists. On the territory of the two children’s club, where teachers will find an exciting activity for every child:

  • BIBI club for kids aged 3-4 years;
  • Snowli club – for children from 4 to 6 years old.

Where to stay

Crans-Montana is an ideal place for a great vacation with a fine selection of hotels with different levels of service. It offers tourists:

  • More than 200 hotels and apartments;
  • Chalets and guest houses.

To rent a more budget accommodation, it is better to book it in advance.

How to get there

Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Crans-montana is 220 km from Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa. Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Crans-montana transfer from Elite Royal Cars helps to save time on the road. Tourists will spend only 2.5 hours on the way.