About Courmayeur

Courmayeur can rightly be called the elite capital of the highest Val D’Aosta region. Situated 1,224 meters above sea level, surrounded by four major alpine mountains near France, it bears the imprint of romance and a special taste for life. At the foot of the resort town social life with luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and cafes and famous thermae and carnivals runs rampant.


The skiing season begins in late November and lasts until early April. The tracks at the resort are polished to perfection, they are mainly designed for amateurs and professionals. Off-piste routes start from alpine heights and pass through the steep slopes. Many people are not amused when they first get to the resort. At an altitude of 1,235 – 2,776 there is the largest network of various routes, the length of which is more than a hundred kilometers.

Professionals and amateur skiers will enjoy the tracks of different levels of complexity:

  • 7 trails or 20 km of high complexity, including one trail with the length of 6 km;
  • 6 medium difficulty tracks with the length of 65 km;
  • 16 tracks with the length of 15 km for beginners and amateur skiers.

For those, who prefer quiet skiing there is 60 kilometers of flat trail. All slopes are well-groomed and prepared. Regardless of the state of the slopes in the evening, in the morning the skiers will start skiing downhill, which promises a lot of indescribable emotions.

The resort has two areas for skiing. Beginners and amateurs should start with the southeastern slopes. On the north there are black and red routes for professionals.

The skiing areas are located as follows:

  • On the Chekruit slope, there are moderately difficult trails;
  • The difficult slopes are located in Val Veni;
  • Skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the slopes of Val-Fere.

Courmayeur is very popular with freeriders. Arriving at the resort tourists find virgin routes on their own or with the help of guides. In addition to skiing and freeriding lovers of outdoor activities can try their hand at snowshoeing.


The ski resort is served by 28 elevators from four stations. One of them is built using innovative technology. It takes skiers to the top of PuntaHebronner, connected by a panoramic cabin to Mount Aguile du Midi. A cable car can be taken from the peak to the resort of Chamonix.

Ski Passes

The resort is advantageous to buy a season pass upon arrival, the cost of which depends on the number of days of stay. There are discounts for children and seniors:

  • 8 to 14 years old;
  • From 14 to 18 years old;
  • After 64 years of age.

If you buy a season ticket for more than three days there are pleasant bonuses.

For lovers of outdoor activities

Courmayeur is a great place for sportsmen and fans of active rest. The following places are especially popular with tourists:

  • Snow Park, located in Aretu at an altitude of 2,000 m;
  • Heliski;
  • Freeride.

The resort built a snow park for children with conveyor elevators. Several ski schools with experienced instructors are open on the territory, which accept not only adults, but also children.


Courmayeur is famous not only for its slopes. Pre Saint Didier has famous thermal springs. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind. What could be better than relaxing in one of the three open-air pools at a water temperature of 36 ° C, surrounded by picturesque mountains and driftwood.

In addition to traditional relaxation, guests are offered more than 40 innovative facial and body treatments, including:

  • Hamam visits;
  • Emotional showers;
  • Aquatic music therapy;
  • Sensory baths;
  • Kneipp paths.

For lovers of the outdoors:

  • Sports center with fitness and Pilates;
  • Rock climbing;
  • Table tennis and grand tennis;
  • Indoor golf;
  • Squash;
  • Skating;
  • Baths and saunas.

Where to stay

Courmayeur offers a variety of accommodation options for tourists:

  • Hotels and apartments;
  • Guest houses and hostels;
  • Campgrounds and chalets.

Everyone will find a more comfortable option for themselves according to their financial capabilities. It is better to book accommodation in advance, because the resort is very popular among tourists.Everyone will find a more comfortable option for themselves in accordance with their financial capabilities. It is better to book an accommodation in advance, because the resort is very popular among tourists.

Restaurants and pubs

A real holiday in Courmayeur is a dinner with a change of dishes and tasting delicious drinks surrounded by friendly company. Italian and Waldostan cuisine dominate the resort, while gourmands can sample French delicacies and viands. Numerous bars, glamorous discotheques and theme parties liven up the resort’s nights.


Courmayeur is the perfect place for an unforgettable shopping experience. You will find exquisite boutiques, shopping malls with a variety of clothes, shoes, sports equipment, accessories, jewelry and souvenirs. It is a veritable Via Montenapoleone in the Alps. Handicraft centers and brand-name products from renowned designers exist side by side. It is impossible to leave the resort without gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

How to get there

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