About Courchevel Resort

Courchevel is a world famous and prestigious French ski resort is very popular among tourists from different countries. Courchevel combines several villages into one infrastructure, each of them distinguished by respectability and exclusivity.

The resort is located in the heart of Tarentaise valley, it is the ideal place both for beginners and experienced skiers, snowboarders and families with children.


The skiing area is more than 150 kilometers long and is located on the slopes of six peaks. The longest slope is 3,900 meters long. There are 66 kilometers of separate routes for cross-country skiing and sledging. There are over 500 cannons in the vicinity, ensuring a smooth and steady cover.

For extreme skiers and professionals, an original structure with concave surfaces, ports and free space in the center for snowboarding and halfpipe is built.

The peaks of the resort area:

  • Aiguille de Fruit (3,051 m) – no skiing opportunities at the peak;Saulire (2,740 m) – the highest peak from which to descend;
  • Vizelle (2,661 m) – a favorite place of professionals;
  • Croix des Verdons (2,739m) – many open areas for skiing in the vicinity;
  • Pointe Emilienne (2,598 m) – located at a distance from the other slopes;
  • Rocher de la Lose (2,527 m) – the lowest point of the resort.
  • The resort ski areas are divided into 6 zones: 22 runs on Biollay and 18 elevators;
  • 7 slopes on Chanrossa and 4 elevators;
  • 11 trails on Tania, passing through the woods, and 7 elevators;
  • 23 trails at Loze and 18 elevators;
  • 14 trails on Saulire and 4 elevators;
  • 25 trails at Signal and 14 elevators.

On the slopes, both beginners and amateurs, as well as extreme skiers will find a track for themselves, depending on their training.

Resort area settlements

There are 5 villages included in the resort area with its unique and wonderful atmosphere. Each of them are named according to their altitude:

  • Courchevel 1,100m – a village with an original, distinctive flavor;;
  • Courchevel 1,300 m – a village with a rustic idyll;
  • Courchevel 1,550 m – preferable for families;
  • Courchevel 1,650 m – celebratory and festive youth village;
  • Courchevel 1 850 m is a glamorous village where the world’s stars often vacation.

Ski season starts in December and ends in April. The altitude difference will please the most experienced skiers 1 100 – 2 738 m.


All alpine slopes are available for tourists. The resort has 65 elevators of different types with a capacity of about 68,000 people per hour. A big plus – there are never any queues.

Ski pass

To save money immediately on arrival is better to buy a pass, both daily and for a longer period. For parents with children there are discounts of up to 20% of the basic cost.

For lovers of active recreation

Besides skiing and snowboarding lovers of active sports can diversify their leisure and choose interesting programs for leisure:

  • Helicopter, paraglider and hang-glider flying;
  • Sledding with dogs;
  • Ice skating;
  • Snowshoeing;
  • Sleigh rides;
  • Hiking.

The Fortuna Sports Complex has a bowling alley and squash courts. You can work out or train on the modern fitness equipment.


In the evening there are a cinema and a casino. Courchevel has art galleries, and the concert hall hosts a variety of events with internationally renowned guest bands.

Open-air events from fireworks festivals to unforgettable light shows are often held in the resort area.


Most of the Courchevel luxury resort’s catering establishments are fine restaurants and cafes. Many of them are awarded prestigious Michelin stars. There are quite a few bars and fast food outlets at affordable prices.

In total, the resort operates more than 70 restaurants, most of them offering menus Savoy cuisine. Gourmets will enjoy exotic delicacies. For lovers of nightlife, there are numerous discotheques and clubs.

Where to stay

The resort was awarded the prestigious title of “Famille Plus Montagne”. In the villages created everything for a comfortable stay with children of different ages:

  • Open nurseries and kindergartens for babies from six months;
  • Working children’s towns;
  • Open snowpark family type;
  • In the ski schools will teach children from one and a half years to confidently ski.

Courchevel often has family events, such as a torchlit ski downhill and a “snow snake” attraction.


Courchevel 1850 has a variety of boutiques offering branded items from the world’s leading designers. Fashion stores, art galleries, sports equipment boutiques, souvenir shops and gastronomic outlets are also located in other resort villages.

Tourists can enjoy fine cheeses, sausages, and incredible desserts in three markets opened in several villages.

Where to stay

The French resort has a huge concentration of 5* VIP hotels, as well as sophisticated 4* hotels. Many have spas and gourmet restaurants.

In addition to the upper class luxury hotels there are also more affordable units in apartments and chalets, many of which are close to the elevators.

How to reach

Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Courchevel is 370 km from the Aeroporto Milano-Malpensa. Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Courchevel is best to book in advance the transfer from Elite Royal Cars. The travel time is 4 hours.