About Madonna di Campiglio

Val Gardena is locatedMadonna di Campiglio is one of the most prestigious premium resorts around the Dolomite Alps. Europeans call the town the Italian Courchevel. Such popularity is due to the unique natural slopes, excellently prepared slopes and thought-out high-class service. on the border of Italy, Germany and Austria. This is one of the best places in the world for skiing and hiking surrounded by picturesque nature.
The village is located at an altitude of 1 550 meters with a difference of about 1 100 meters. Skiing season starts in mid-November and lasts until April. Since Madonna di Campiglio is connected by a network of ski elevators to other resort areas, the skiing opportunities are not limited.


Madonna di Campiglio has been one of the best equipped and prepared alpine resorts for years. Here everything is thought out to detail, the service is at the highest level.
There are 4 areas for skiing in the area:

  • Spinale;
  • Groste;
  • Pradalago;
  • Cinque Laghi.

The altitude difference in these areas is 550-900 meters. For cross-country skiing there are 27 kilometers of gently sloping trails.

Madonna di Campiglio is connected to the neighboring resorts by a network of ski-lifts. The total length of the routes in the combined area is 350 kilometers. There are a lot of pistes for skiers of different levels.
Blue slopes are a real paradise for beginner skiers. There are 14 routes with total length of 40 kilometers in the vicinity of the resort. Gentle slopes with minimal slope will let you get maximum pleasure out of skiing.
The most popular are the following routes:

  • 5 Laghi;
  • Fortini;
  • F.I.S.


Of all the trails, the reds account for about 41% of the beautiful slopes. The wide and groomed routes are suitable for skiers with a good level of training.
The most popular routes are:

  • F.I.S 3-Tre;
  • Poza Vecia;
  • Cima Groste.

All the routes on the slopes intersect, the skier can choose the track with a suitable and comfortable for his level of descent.

Slopes for professionals and extreme skiers occupy about 16% of all the routes in the resort. Skiers will get a certain level of adrenaline on the following slopes:

  • Canalone Miramonti;
  • Variante Marchi;
  • Amazzonia.


The best Ursus snow park is located on the Grossa Pass. It is a place of world championships, awarded five-star rating. Professional instructors will teach the basics of snowboarding. Amateurs can hone their skills on prepared jumps of varying difficulty levels.


Thanks to an extensive elevator network there’s never a queue at the lifts. The following kinds of funiculars are available in the vicinity of the resort area:

  • Six rope tow lifts;
  • Fifteen chairlifts;
  • Six cabins and gondolas.


Many of the elevators are within a hundred meters of the hotels. Ski-basses take tourists to the funiculars from farther away. The cost of a ski pass depends on the age of the skier, the days of skiing and the season. Discounts are available for children.

For lovers of outdoor activities

Skiing and snowboarding are not the resort’s only options. In Madonna di Campiglio there is a sports center, as well as:

  • Swimming pool and tennis courts;
  • Ice rink, curling and bowling;
  • Squash courts.

Hiking on snowshoes will appeal to holidaymakers of all ages. Year-round campers can ride dogsleds or take horseback rides.

Rest with children

For children from three years old a ski school is open, where experienced instructors will teach how to ski confidently. Children will also love visiting the Campilandia park with its exciting play areas, rides and trampolines.


There are plenty of boutiques offering designer name-brand items. Antique lovers can check out the antique shops.


There are a lot of different restaurants, cafes, bars, pastry shops, pizzerias and night clubs offering Italian and European cuisine.

Gourmets will love visiting the Michelin-starred restaurants. The local cheeses, honeys, and yogurts are a must, as is the delicious wine.

Where to Stay

Lodging options abound, including:

  • Hotels, residences and apartments;
  • Cottages and chalets.

The cost of living is higher than in the neighboring towns, because Madonna di Campiglio has positioned itself as a luxury resort designed for VIP holidays.

How to get there

Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Madonna-di-campiglio is about 225 kilometers from the Aeroporto Milano-Malpensa. Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Madonna-di-campiglio is better to pre-book a transfer from Elite Royal Cars. The travel time is 2.5 hours.