About the seaside resort of Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of the fashionable resorts of Monaco and the center of international tourism. Cruise liners depart from the port of Monte-Carlo, the Formula 1 circuit runs through its territory and in January the whole city is immersed in a special circus atmosphere. Do you love luxury, gambling and fun? Then welcome to Monte-Carlo, the center of nightlife and gambling.

Monte Carlo is a unique city. It is located in the rocks, and one of the ways to get around here are the huge elevators that take everyone down to the beaches.

Formally Monte Carlo belongs to the Principality of Monaco, but many consider it part of the French Riviera. The confusion stems from the city’s territorial location – it’s on the coast of the Ligurian Sea, in the heart of the Côte d’Azur.

Beach recreation

Holidaying in Monte Carlo, you do not have to choose for a long time in which bay to spend the day, because there is only one beach Larvotto open to the public. But what a beach! Snow-white fine sand, brought from Australia and Egyptian Sahara, azure-colored sea, comfortable flat entrance, deck chairs, umbrellas, showers and cafes – Larvotto has the status of one of the most comfortable beaches in the world and repeatedly became the winner of the nomination Blue Flag.

But that’s not all. Larvotto is considered to be the freest recreation area on the Côte d’Azur, as girls are allowed to sunbathe topless here.

The rest of the Monte Carlo coastal area is bought out by hotels and private individuals, most of whom don’t allow outside tourists on their beaches.


But the beach is not the only reason Monte-Carlo attracts so many tourists. Every afternoon there are casinos and gambling halls. The Spieluges are only open to 21 years old and require a passport.

Blackjack, slot machines, roulette, poker… In the evening, Monte Carlo buzzes with flashy shows, wild winnings and equally wild losses. Every venue has a strict dress code and you shouldn’t even stroll around in flip-flops or shorts.

For those who don’t like gambling, Jimmy’z Nightclub opens its doors every night.

Family vacations

Monte Carlo has also prepared entertainment for families with children. The little ones are always welcome:

  • The Oceanographic Museum;
  • Zoo Fontvieille;
  • The Marineland amusement park and the adjacent water park.

Children will be delighted with the beach: there are playgrounds for children, snow-white sand is ideal for games for kids, and the sea is clear and safely protected from the penetration of jellyfish and other sea creatures.

Popular Excursions

If this is your first time in Monte Carlo, but you’re not interested in either clubs or casinos, and the beach vacation is already a bit boring, go on an excursion. There are not many historical monuments in this small town, but they are there:

  • The Princely Palace. It was built in 1191. For a hundred years, the palace served as a fortress, until it was taken over by the Monaco ruling elite. Since then it has been the permanent residence of the princes and princes. The courtyard is open to the public in summer and the Italian part of the castle in winter.
  • Japanese garden named after Grace Kelly. Located on the Promenade and planted strictly according to the principles of Zen, admission is free.
  • Monaco-Ville. The old town is located on a huge cliff. Only 11 historic buildings have survived well, including the Cathedral and the Chapel of Divine Mercy.

Gastronomic Tour

Monte Carlo is not the place to go for new flavors. Monaco’s cuisine has been greatly influenced by its location. The national food of the Principality is an interesting mix of French and Italian dishes, generously seasoned with seafood.

The best restaurants in Monte Carlo usually serve:

  • Bouillabaisse — a soup of a mixture of seafood and tomato, seasoned with olive oil and white wine;
  • Anchouad — mashed anchovies with garlic, chili and olive oil, which is spread on croutons of white bread;
  • Porchetta — spicy pork roll with a fat layer stuffed with by-products with fennel and dill;
  • For dessert, you’re sure to be offered flavorful almond cakes with black nougat.

How to get there

You can get to Monte Carlo from Genoa, Nice or Milan. There are trains and buses, but the best way is to take an individual transfer. Just 2.5 hours by Elite Royal Cars and you’re already betting at the world’s most famous casino.