About Lake Garda

To visit Lake Garda is to get a positive charge for a long time. Lago di Garda is one of the most amazing vacation spots in a charming country.

Around the lake there are a large number of cities with cultural and historical sights. Nearby stretched Alpine ridges, which offer an unusual view of the water surface and the provinces scattered on the shores. But most importantly, the picturesque nature is fascinating at any time. No matter what time of year you come for your vacation, you are guaranteed a lot of positive emotions.

Lago di Garda – the largest body of water in Italy with an area of about 370 square kilometers and a length of over 51 km. The lake was formed during the glacial period on the borders of the three regions, and is part of Trentino, Venice and Lombardy.

The resort towns of Garda

The lake shore is so densely built up that it is sometimes difficult to determine the boundaries of small towns. Many old buildings rise to tourists right out of the water, reminiscent of the enchanting Venice. In the streets are open promenades, inviting you to eat amazing cuisine.

The most popular towns in Lago di Garda:

  • Desenzano del Garda
  • Peschiera Borromeo;
  • Lazise;
  • Malcesine;
  • Riva del Garda;
  • Nago-Torbole.

It is noteworthy that the southwestern coast is called the Olive Riviera by the local population, and the eastern one – the Lemon Riviera.

The islands of the lago di Garda

For lovers of outdoor activities and scuba diving in the water depths will be interesting to visit any of the five islands with unique water landscapes.

Garda – is the largest island on the west coast. In the past, this piece of land was a haven for pirates and robbers. Tourists can see a luxurious palace surrounded by a paradise garden and a park with exotic plants.

San Biagio is better known as the island of rabbits. In the past, people came here to hunt big-eared game. Today, one of the most popular diving locations is off the coast.

Olive Island is located on the east side of the coast. One of the most luxurious olive orchards grows here. Diving enthusiasts can see an underwater cave densely populated with schools of fish.

Isola del Garda is just 20m off the coast near Malcesine. Divers organize expeditions to see with their own eyes the wreck of 1987.

The island of Trimelone is opposite Brenzoni. Unfortunately the X century fortress is almost completely destroyed, you can just scuba dive and explore the waterscape.

Thermal Springs

On the lake you can not only scuba dive or relax on the beach. In the southern part of the resort of Sirmione there are springs of thermal water, filled with a range of health benefits. They are open all year round regardless of the season.

Attractions in Garda

There are a lot of historical and architectural sights, medieval castles, palaces and monasteries. Lovers of outdoor activities will find a lot of interesting things to do:

  • Gardaland is one of the biggest amusement parks;
  • Sea Life Oceanarium with amazing fauna;
  • Movieland Studios, an amusement park with themes from popular movies;
  • Jungle Adventure Park, a rope and ladder park;
  • Natura Viva Safari Park and Sigurta Park – luxurious park areas;
  • Kaneva Park, the largest water park on the lake.

Where to stay

Travelers can choose to stay in a regular hotel or budget hotel, luxury apartments or guest houses. The cost varies depending on the level of services provided and the stardom of the hotel. You should be prepared that the service “all inclusive” on the island is practically absent. Most often tourists are offered breakfasts.

How to get there

In order to come from Milan to Lake Lago di Garda with great comfort, you need to pre-book a transfer from the company Elite Royal Cars. During the trip, you will be able to enjoy the amazing nature and mountain scenery.