About Lake Iseo

In the diadem of Italian lakes, along with the diamonds Lago di Como, Lago Maggiore and Lago di Garda, another emerald shines: Lago d’Iseo. No one can resist the purity and the amazing smoothness of a mountain lake in Northern Italy.

The winding contours of the lake are nestled in the Lombardy Alps. From north to south the length of Lago d’Iseo is 25 km, from east to west – 5 km, its maximum depth is 250 m, the length of the coastline is 65 km of picturesque nature.

Amazing islands

There are several unique islands on the lake. One of them – buried in the verdure Monte Isola, which looks like a dragon’s tongue out of the water surface. Due to the natural landscape, the island is popular with hang-glider pilots.

Another interesting island is Isola di Loreto, to the north of Lago d’Iseo. This small piece of land is buried in luxuriant cypresses and pines, hiding the walls of an ancient villa.

A little south of Monte Isola is the mini islet of Isola di San Paolo, where the locals have been fishing for a long time. There is a medieval monastery of St. Paul.

Resorts of Lake Iseo

If you go along the shore of Lago d’Iseo you can visit unique commune towns, each of which is a great place to rest from the bustling metropolis:

  • Pisogne;
  • Marone;
  • Sulzano;
  • Tavernola Bergamasca.

The monuments of architecture and history are nestled in the communes next to 2-3 story houses. Elements of folk architecture in the decoration of the facades give a flavor of the ancient streets and embankments.

For lovers of outdoor activities

Around Lago d’Iseo there are several schools of windsurfing and sailing. On the hospitable mountain peaks with steep slopes, there are upscale resorts: Monte Campione and Ponte di Legno.

How to get there

The distance from Milan to Lago d’Iseo is only 86 km. The most convenient way to reach the coast is by shuttle which can be booked in advance at Elite Royal Cars. The time spent on the way will fly completely unnoticed, surrounded by beautiful nature.

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