About Lake Como

Lake Como is a place of romance. It is a real gem, located near Switzerland. There are not many tourists and no one will disturb your peace.

What Lake Como is famous for

Lake Como is one of the three largest lakes in Europe. Its maximum depth is about 460 meters and area is 145 square kilometers. Tourists have a huge opportunity:

  • Dive or just relax on the beach;
  • Explore coastal towns or climb mountains;
  • See the emerald groves of olive trees and vineyards;
  • See celebrity residences;
  • Discover the local cuisine;
  • Celebrate special occasions.

What to visit

The Azure Glade is just 60 minutes from Milan. The shape of the lake branches into two arms and resembles the English letter Y.

On the shores of the lake are a few tourist towns, each of which is famous for its amazing architecture and spectacular scenery.


Sophisticated city located just five kilometers from Switzerland. Its history goes back to BC. Como is famous not only for its architecture and beautiful nature. For more than 500 years the unique silk with unusual prints and shimmers has been produced here.

More than 100 years ago a company was founded in Cantu to produce premium furniture made of cedar. All items produced by the factory are handcrafted and have museum value.

Walking through the historic center will open up to tourists:

  • The Cathedral with its elegant facade and ancient tapestries;
  • The Paolo Giovio Museum, where every tourist will take an amazing journey back in time.


Surrounded by lush cypresses, Bellagio is considered one of the most beautiful resorts in Italy. The picturesque resort is situated on a cape dividing the water surface into two arms. The history of the town goes back to the 7th-5th century BC.

The main attraction of the resort town is the basilica of St. Giacomo, a monument of national culture of the country. Its main treasure is a triptych depicting Our Lady of Mercy.

Be sure to visit the Museum of Navigation Devices, located in an ancient tower. The collection contains more than 200 exhibits of navigational instruments and the main artifact is a brass planetarium.

Walking around the ancient town, one can’t help but pay attention to the Villa Serbelloni. This luxurious estate belonged until the 16th century to the influential Sfondrati family.


The atmosphere of the city is literally saturated with warmth and sunshine. Varenna attracts tourists primarily because of its convenient location.

It is worth devoting a whole day to this city. In the center of Varenna there is Gothic church of St. George built in XIV century. In the decoration there are preserved paintings of the XV-XVI centuries, handmade frescoes and carved furniture.


At one time the charm of Menaggio captivated William Churchill. It’s a cozy and charming town that will appeal to every tourist without exception. Travelers have St. Stephen’s Church with chapels and confessionals, a golf course, youth clubs and centers.


A picturesque town located on the northwest side of Como. It is a place for those who appreciate silence and tranquility. The municipality is known not only for historical sites such as the church of S. Maria del Giglio. Lovers of active city will be interested in the rope park, a great alternative to excursions.


The town was built around the ancient monastery of Coenobium and was considered in the Middle Ages as a provincial center of fishery. Today it is here that the pompous villas of the world’s celebrities are located.


Domaso is rightly considered one of the most hospitable cities of Como. The facades of the houses have preserved the emblems of the noble families and ancient frescoes. The most colorful historical attraction is the Church of St. Bartholomew with the faces of all the saints and the painting “The Mourning of Christ”.


Colico is on the eastern side of Como not far from the highest mountain of the province of Legnone. Today it is not only one of the famous tourist centers, people come here in search of active recreation.

One of the main attractions is the fort of Montecchio Nord with the White War Museum. And it will also be interesting to visit the religious heritage of Colico – the Abbey of Pion, one of the most fascinating architectural complexes.

Where to stay

Villa De Este is a legendary hotel with centuries of history located in Cernobbio, near the Alps and Switzerland. It offers elegant rooms decorated with the finest silk and picturesque paintings. You can take a stroll in the ancient park, decorated in the style of the romantic Baroque.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental is a great option for a romantic vacation. It is located in Blevio, just five kilometers from the center of Como. The villas are right on the lake and are surrounded by a beautiful garden.

The Hotel Tremezzo of Bellagio is a historic hotel, where the spirit of the past blends in perfectly with a modern flavor. A unique architectural object with a luxurious staircase, a large swimming pool surrounded by wooden decking and an incredibly caring service. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Villa Serbelloni is one of the most presentable places and the only 5-star hotel in Bellagio. Each of the rooms has its own history and welcomes high-ranking guests. It is an ideal opportunity to sample Michelin cuisine and enjoy a vacation away from the tourist trails.

The Hotel Sereno in Menaggio is a stunning hotel with modern rooms and an outdoor pool for a comfortable break from everyday life. Guests will enjoy the exclusive dishes of a Michelin-starred chef. This is the place where you can forget about the world around you and devote your time exclusively to yourself.

Treat yourself to a luxurious holiday at Como

Lake Como attracts travelers with the striking beauty of its mirror-like alpine surface, lush vegetation, and sumptuous scenery surrounded by medieval castles and Italian architecture. Explore this enchanting destination with ease by booking a taxi from Milan to Lake Como.

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Luxury Villas of Como

Milan to Lake Como Transfer Service allows you to witness the most stunning sight of Lake Como, including its luxurious villas. They were built for noble families from all over the world. Each structure has a unique and unrepeatable architecture and a mysterious history.

Today many of the villas have been converted into hotels. It is also a favorite place for magical and romantic wedding ceremonies.

Villa del Balbianello

The villa is not only an architectural masterpiece surrounded by beautiful scenery. It has become a real star of the cinema. Many episodes of the popular James Bond movie and some scenes from Star Wars were shot here.
The villa is located in the town of Lenno. Impresses not only the external appearance of the estate, but also the interior decoration with antique tapestries surrounded by antiques, paintings and sculptures.
Villa Melzi

The property is surrounded by a beautiful park in Bellagio. The landscaping is in the English style with man-made hills, sculptures and Egyptian statues.
Villa Monastero

The estate is located in the town of Varenna. The penultimate owner gave the villa, built on the site of the convent, a modern look. He reconstructed the building and chose the mysterious eclecticism for decoration.
Nature lovers will not leave indifferent the garden around the villa with rare plants. Today the Monastero is open for weddings and social dinners.
Villa Carlotta

This elegant and ornate villa is located in Tremezzo. It has soft configurations and is more like a small palace complex.
Princess Carlotta’s husband, Prince George II, brought the gardens to perfect perfection. Today it is one of the most magnificent parks of Como. The visitors can admire unique palm and bamboo forests, azalea dunes, and colorful flowerbeds.
Villa Olmo

A majestic palace with a luxurious interior, elegant and soft frescoes, sculptural compositions, built in the neoclassical style.
Villa La Cassinella

The villa is called one of the most unusual on Como. You can get to the territory only from the lake, as it is located at the foot of the cliff. Here there is a special peaceful atmosphere, full of peace and silence.
Villa Balbiano

Villa Balbiano with its winter garden is located at only 20 km from Como. Guests are welcomed by exquisite Baroque frescoes and antique elements of luxury furnishings.
The villa opens its doors for wedding ceremonies, surrounded by sixteenth century antiques and a large, vintage-style garden.
Villa Erba

Erba is a worthy example of neoclassicism. The villa is located in the center of Cernobbio. Lovers of palatial interiors will have a real pleasure while strolling through the luxurious halls decorated with frescoes. Exclusive celebrations and wedding ceremonies are still held at the Villa.
Villa Pliniana

One of the oldest villas is an elegant palazzo at the water’s edge. Pliniana is located in the region of Lombardy in the province of Como. It has an extraordinary elegance and uncommon beauty.