About St. Moritz


The respectable resort at an altitude of more than 1.8 km above sea level is not only one of the most luxurious in the world. St. Moritz has been officially awarded the “Top of the World” seal of quality. It is a real jewel in Switzerland, which was once home to members of royal dynasties.

In a year the small town, located in the canton of Grigioni, welcomes more than 1,500,000 tourists. St. Moritz has been famous since the Middle Ages for its healing mineral springs and crystal clear air. As a ski resort it opened more than 150 years ago in 1864.

St. Moritz does not figure among the world’s top resorts for nothing. The snow cover is stable throughout the season. The Swiss resort twice took the Olympic Games on its slopes. In addition St. Moritz repeatedly held the world championships in skiing.


Skiing season in St. Moritz lasts from November to April. Extensive areas for skiing are located on the slopes of the five mountains.

The tracks are 350 km long, divided into 3 sectors:

  • Corvilla – 71 slopes of 2,486 m;
  • Corvaglia – 64 slopes with a length of 3,451 m;
  • Diavolezza – 17 trails of 2,973 m.

For beginners and family skiing the gentle slopes in Zuoch area are suitable. In addition, St. Moritz offers 220 kilometers of trails for cross-country skiing and 150 kilometers for winter hiking.


At an altitude of 2,488 m, there are pistes for masters of medium skill. Fans of extreme sports and professionals will love the Marguns and Suvretta slopes at an altitude of 2,278 m.


This peak is recognized as the most beautiful skiing slope. It will take about a quarter of an hour by bus to get there. The long slopes are marked as quite difficult, so beginners should choose other slopes.
Professionals especially note several slopes that will make a skier’s heart beat even harder:

  • The route through Giand’Alva at 2,643 m to Hahnensee Lake (2,153 m) to the St. Moritz bus station;
  • A 1 km route to the lower station Surlej, located at an altitude of 1,870 m.

Two snow parks have been built at the top. On Friday and Saturday nights the world famous Snow Night Party takes place here, where you can ski on the illuminated track from 7 to 2 am and then continue the fun with strong drinks.

The area is only a 30-minute drive from the resort. Its main feature is the off-piste slopes and 3,000m black slopes.
Diavolezza is often called the theater of the Alps because of its extraordinary postcard views and dizzying descents.


You don’t have to wait for the funicular to the summits; there’s a quick climb to each slope:

  • 24 funiculars to Corvilla;
  • 14 to Corvach;
  • 5 to Diavolecza.

Ski Pass

Upon arrival at the resort, it is recommended to buy a general pass that includes all three ski areas. Discounts are available for children, teenagers and young adults:

  • Kids fare from 6 to 16 years old;
  • Youth fare from 16 to 20 years old.

Hotels in ski resort

The resort has 5 luxurious five-star hotels with high service. Often the richest and most famous people of the world rest here. There are a few more 5-star hotels in the valley.
Tourists with average income can rent rooms in hotels and apartments in the resort, as well as in nearby villages according to their abilities.
Many hotels are involved in advantageous to tourists in the action: when paying for a room for two or more nights, the customer receives a discount on the elevator.


After skiing or instead of it, tourists are offered a variety of recreation:

  • Spa at 5-star hotels;
  • At the Mineral Bath & Spa, located in Samedan;

To visit the spa and wellness complexes of five-star hotels is not necessary to live there. It is enough to buy a one-time pass.


Life in the spa town is always in full swing. There are competitions and contests for tourists almost weekly:

  • Jumping competitions;
  • Horse jumping on the snow;
  • Horse races;
  • Ski Marathon;
  • Curling;
  • Bobsleigh.


  • St. Moritz is a paradise for lovers of delicious and gourmet cuisine. There are more than 70 restaurants with a wide variety of dishes from all over the world. Many of them regularly receive coveted Michelin stars.
  • At night you will not be bored, the doors of bars and cafes are open to lovers of nightlife. It is definitely worth a visit to one of the establishments of the elevator in Corvilla.
  • Foodies come especially for the annual gastrofestival, held at the end of the season in March. At the same time there is a festival of music by classical composers.


St. Moritz is a true Alpine resort with a huge variety of attractions. Tourists will be interested:

  • To look at the falling tower;
  • See the “Sistine Madonna” at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel;
  • Visit the Giovanni Sacantini Museum;
  • See the Chesa Futura sphere made of real larch;
  • See the designer gallery located in the underpass.

In summer, the town is teeming with life. Tourists can simply walk and breathe in the healing air. Many take horseback rides through the valleys or do hiking. Extreme enthusiasts explore the slopes on mountain bikes.

How to get there

Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Sankt-moritz is 200 kilometers from the international airport of Malpensa. More Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Sankt-moritz convenient to get to the resort town by shuttle. Tourists will spend on the road only 2.5-3 hours. Travel time in a comfortable car will pass quickly, surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Alps.

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