About the seaside resort of Savona

Here, the aroma of basil and ripe tomatoes mingle with the salty sea air, humble streets hide ancient basilicas and fortresses, and an inconspicuous little pizzeria suddenly reveals pasta worthy of a Michelin star.

Discover Savona, Liguria’s third largest city, the starting point for the most luxurious cruise ships and home of the tastiest oranges.

Beach Holiday

Savona is close to the popular tourist cities of San Remo and Genoa, so it rarely attracts tourists on its own. However, true connoisseurs of Italy know that it is here, in the Riviera de Ponente, hiding the cleanest and calmest beaches on the entire coast.

Waves, seaweed and jellyfish are rare guests here. In Savona, you can truly relax and enjoy the clear sea, impeccable infrastructure and local color.

The beach strip stretches for four kilometers. On it fits 4 city and about 30 private beaches. Both are equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and cabins for changing. Nearby you can always find an inexpensive cafe or restaurant.

The municipal beaches of Natarella and Fornace have won the Blue Flag award for more than 10 years, as meeting high standards of safety and quality. The coast is stony, but the pebbles are shallow, not sharp. The decline in depth occurs gradually, but you do not have to wade a few hundred meters to the knee – 5-6 meters from the shore can swim quite comfortably.


The long-lasting war between Genoa and Savona in the struggle for domination over Liguria led to the fact that many historical monuments of the city were destroyed. Some of them were rebuilt and others were replaced by new cathedrals and fortresses.

If you’re visiting this cozy Italian town, leave some time to see the local sights. They won’t astound you with their exquisite luxury of the Genoese palaces, but will plunge you into the world of tough medieval wars.

Excursion is better to plan for the afternoon and evening: many of the fortresses and cathedrals are lit, which itself – a work of art.

Tourists in Savona may be interested in visiting:

  • The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Luxurious religious monument of the late XIX century in the Baroque style;
  • The Oratory of Santa Maria di Castello. Fifteenth-century altarpiece preserving paintings by the Italian master Vincenzo Foppa;
  • Sistine Chapel. A cathedral with exquisite interior decoration, the creation of which was the handiwork of Paolo Brusco;
  • Leone Pancaldo’s tower. The only thing left of Savona’s once grandiose fortress wall;
  • The medieval towers of the Palace of the Elders or the Gateway to the old city of Savona. On the façade you can see the image of Our Lady and the many coats of arms of the once ruling families;
  • The Fortress of the Priamar. It was built after the Genoese victory over Savona as a symbol of their final domination. Nowadays it houses the Museum of Archaeology and Modern Art;
  • Palazzo delle Pianet. One of the symbols of Savona. The palazzo was built in the libertine style at the beginning of the XX century;
  • City Pinacoteca. Collection of sculptures, frescoes and paintings from the Renaissance period. One of the most important museums of Savona.


Ligurian cuisine is a gem of Italian cooking. In Savona, where tourists rarely come in droves and cafes and restaurants are not yet geared toward the average European, it’s easy to find local specialties:

  • Ravioli. The production of these tiny Italian dumplings has been established here since the beginning of the 12th century. The ravioli here are amazing with a variety of toppings and sauces;
  • Farinata. A unleavened flatbread made of wheat and chickpea flour in different proportions. It is smeared with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and served with sausages, rosemary, and fried onions;
  • Marmalade, syrup, jam and candied fruit made from the unique bitter oranges of cinotto, which grow exclusively in this small port town;
  • Kinotto. A traditional Savonian orange wine;
  • Pan dolce genovese. A sweet bun with several varieties of raisins, orange essence, candied fruits and pinolini nuts.

How to get there

The best way to get to Savona is from Genoa or Milan with a private transfer. Experience the luxury of Elite Royal Cars for your Savona Airport transfer from Milan, reaching your destination in less than an hour and a half. During the Savona taxi ride from Milano, you can enjoy the views of lush vineyards, azure sea, and beautiful scenery.