About the resort of Champoluc

Champoluc is located in the northern valley of the Valle D’Aosta at 1 570 m above sea level in the picturesque valley of the Pennine Alps. It is a small Italian village set near the Monte Rosa mountain range.

Champoluc will delight tourists and travelers with picturesque landscapes and snowy ridges, surrounded by pine forests. Vacation Champoluc is a great opportunity to combine skiing and enjoy the crystal air. The season begins in December and ends in mid-April.


A variety of excellently groomed slopes are waiting for both beginners and professional skiers. Fans of downhill and extreme kinds of sports will be pleased with elevation differences from 1,200 meters to 3,275 meters. Overall length of the slopes is around 200 kilometers.

A variety of slopes allows to choose a new route every time and avoid pandemonium even in the high season:

  • 19 blue routes;
  • 41 trails of medium complexity;
  • 6 trails are classified as difficult;
  • 1 track is designed for boarder-cross.

For beginners there are training areas, where experienced instructors will get you on your skis in just a few lessons. There are also ski schools for kids ages 4 and older.


An extensive network of elevators will take skiers anywhere in Monte Rosa. You won’t have to wait in line for a cable car. There are 38 gondola elevators with gondola cabins, chairlifts and rope tow elevators that may take up to 50,000 skiers per hour.

Ski passes

Tourists benefit from buying a multi-day pass upon arrival, which includes 2 days of skiing at other resorts in the Val d’Aosta regions.

There are discounts for children

  • 7-14 years old – 25%;
  • Under 7 years old – free of charge.

For lovers of active recreation

For lovers of snowy fields heli-skiing and heli-boarding are available. A helicopter will take extreme climbers up to the Lis Pass, from where they will go down on pristine slopes to Zermatt along the Grenz Glacier. Those who want to diversify active rest can go telemark and snowboarding, which are popular in the resort.


Although Champoluk is a ski resort, there’s plenty to see for sightseers, too:

  • The Royal Route from the graceful and beautiful Savoy Castle, built in the late 19th century;
  • A more challenging trip to Ospicino Sottile, a hunting lodge in the Vald Obna Gorge;
  • Journey to the valley of Leo (2,224 m).

Where to Stay

Resort Champoluk is known for its unique democratic prices. Every tourist can find a holiday according to your abilities from guesthouses and hostels to villas and five-star hotels with a full range of high quality services.

The resort is appreciated not only by solo travelers, but also fans of family vacations with children of all ages. Babysitting services for babies from three months to 7 years can be ordered upon request.

Restaurants and pubs

There are about 90 restaurants and bars in the village, where the owners welcome tourists with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Many establishments host wine tastings, usually starting after 6pm. There are several places where they cook unique cocktails and live music. For this mood is worth approaching the pub Golosone.

For nightlife lovers, there is a disco at the Bistro and the West Road Bar. Tourists should definitely try the unique local spicy drink Fil d’Fer, which is served hot.


In addition to the usual boutiques and stores, tourists will be interested in visiting the souvenir shops and buy something unique to remember this wonderful place.

How to get there

Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Champoliuk is 168 kilometers from Milan Malpensa International Airport. For those who like comfortable rest it is better to order in advance a transfer from the company Elite Royal Cars. The Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Champoliuk trip time of about 2 hours will pass unnoticed surrounded by a marvelous alpine nature.


In addition to skiing tourists will be interested in other places. In Champoluk built a large skating rink with rental skates of all sizes. You can do active recreation:

  • Snowshoeing;
  • Learn ice climbing;
  • Go cross-country skiing.

In the village is often arranged exciting masquerades and shows everyone can take part in.

In the resort you can diversify your leisure by visiting:

  • Health Center;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Bath complex;
  • Whirlpool baths;
  • Massage room;
  • Gym.


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