About Val Gardena

Val Gardena is located on the border of Italy, Germany and Austria. It is one of the best places in the world for skiing and hiking surrounded by beautiful nature.

The enchanting alpine valley, surrounded on all sides by the Dolomites, is the ideal place to relax and enjoy life to the full. The skiing season starts in late November and ends in April-May.


The length of the valley is 15 kilometers, it runs through mountain ranges with peaks Sassolungo, Sella, Chir and Shiliar. Many tourists begin their acquaintance with the slopes from these places.

Val Gardena ski area consists of three zones:

  • Selva (1 563 м);
  • St. Cristina (1 428 м);
  • Ortisei (1 235 м).

The total length of trails is 175 kilometers. It is 52 perfectly prepared slopes with routes for skiers of different skiing level. Of these:

  • 52 км – for beginners;
  • 100 км –for amateur skiers;
  • 23 км – for professionals.

In the valley there are routes for cross-country skiing. They are located not far from Monte Pan

For beginners

The slopes in the area of Seiser Alm are suitable for beginners. The altitude difference is not more than 300 m, and the length of the routes is 600 – 2,500 m. Even children will enjoy the beautiful slopes of Ski Tour Hexen.

St. Cristina has its own training area with a set of easy routes. The tracks are served by several rope tow elevators.

For beginners in Selva di Val Gardena, there are 7 elevators in the Dantzepis area. Five of them are gentler slopes, the others have a higher gradient.

For intermediate skiers

Skiers with medium level skills may want to check out the following slopes:

  • Ortisei;
  • Selva.

These slopes have a lot of picturesque routes surrounded by woods. Athletes will enjoy the 10-meter-long La Longia slopes, as well as the descents of Ciampina, Dantzepis and Sella Peak.

The Alpe di Susi area, with its 60 kilometers of trails, the Seceda sector and the Col Riser slope are especially popular.

For professionals

For skiers with good skiing experience, the Saslong A black piste, which runs from Ciampina to St. Cristina, is suitable. The length of the route is 3,500 m, the slope spread is 21-57%.

Equally interesting is the black route Saslong B, which includes high-speed sections. Several excellent routes are equipped from Ciampina to Selva.
For freeriders.

Freeride in the resort town is not a major destination. But several interesting off-piste descents are popular with athletes. Target areas are located in the areas:

  • Seyser Alm;
  • Punta d’Oro;
  • Seceda;

As well as the slopes, which can be used to descend to the four-chair elevator.


The general ski area of Alpe di Siusi is equipped with different kinds of elevators. The resort has a record 83 of them. Of these:

  • 12 – cabins;
  • 36 – chairs;
  • 23 – rope tows;
  • 1 – lift-metro.

Ski passes

The price of the pass depends on the season, the age of the skier and the days of use. Children under 16 and people over 65 years old receive a discount. Ski passes are valid for Val Gardena and Alpe de Siusi.

For lovers of active rest

After a busy day spent on the slopes, you can relax in one of the spas located in Ortisei. They are equipped with:

  • Waterfalls;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Baths;
  • Hydromassage showers and bathtubs.

Additionally, it is possible to visit beauty salons, wellness center or gym.

For lovers of outdoor activities the resort has developed a variety of programs:

  • Rock climbing and mountaineering;
  • Skating and paragliding;
  • Visiting the tennis courts;
  • In the summertime you can play golf;
  • Snowshoeing and sledding.


Val Gardena has a strong brand-name shopping scene. In the valley there are more than 50 boutiques with clothes, shoes and accessories. If hikers have long wanted to buy sports equipment, now is the time to do it.


There are more than 50 restaurants, cafes and bars open in the valley. Each of them is decorated with a distinct personality. Gourmets will please the author’s dishes from the chefs. The small pubs, steak cafes and pizzerias are no less cozy.

Where to Stay

You can stay in any of the resorts in the valley:

  • Selva Gardena;
  • Ortisei;
  • Santa Cristina.

In any of the resort towns you can choose accommodation according to financial possibilities and personal preferences. Early booking is available in the valley, so it is better to book a room in advance.

How to get there

The Transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport to Val-gardena is 373 kilometers. If you like comfort, it is advisable to pre-book Car Service From Malpensa Airport to Val-gardena from Elite Royal Cars. The travel time is 4 hours.